"Wisdom Cries" / "Druthers"

by Annie Perkins

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released October 4, 2016

Recorded at Recursive Delete Audio/Visual, Portland, Oregon, between 2011-2016
Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by Jack Saturn
Mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering

Annie Perkins - acoustic guitar, handclaps, lead & backing vocals
Jack Saturn - drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric piano, organ, tambourine, handclaps, legslaps
Jesse Cunningham - pedal steel guitar
Mike Larson - bass guitar on "Wisdom Cries"
Aaron Andrade - piano on "Wisdom Cries"
Ian D. Nau - vibraphone on "Wisdom Cries"
Thomas Trotter - drums on "Druthers"
Ally Ross - piano on "Druthers"
Jeremy Reinhold - piano on "Druthers"
Eric Beam - trumpet on "Druthers"
Strings & brass performed by the Recursive Delete Chamber Ensemble with the RDAV Horns, conducted by Jack Saturn

Special thanks to Nick Quinata, Kate Dameron and Mike Ginnane.

Cover photo, design & typography by Jack Saturn, September 2016.
Photo-within-a-photo by Jenn Hoppa, March 2010.

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Annie Perkins Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Wisdom Cries
Write another song and y'all can sing along
About the things I need, about the things I see
And there ain't nothin' right if we can touch at night
I need a good job and a man to change the oil

So if you're hangin' out at night, you think it's love at first sight
You'd better stick around to see if it's exhausting with me
Because my brain won't stop and I will want to talk
A dozen words for every feeling — but you "like me a lot"

The truth in life, at hand: the things you love, you can't stand
If you don't work on them you'll see, eventually
Could be my missing link, and we'll swim or we'll sink
But what you don't use you lose, and you don't want to lose me

I'll keep on workin' hard just to pay off that card
'Cause I'm still seein' red and it gets to my head
I'll overanalyze and I know wisdom cries,
"Just keep your good job and find a man
To change the oil in your car;
Just keep that good job and don't you worry about no man"
Track Name: Druthers
So I'm taking all these pills
Rounding off the edges
And developing my skills at nothing that I love
Still the jury's out
On this one, that one, all the others
And it makes me wanna shout

Oh please, oh please
Could you help me figure out
'Cause it seems like you have got your druthers
And you know I've got my doubts

Well I'm enjoying all this bait
But the hook inside of me is hurting
And the blood's just bitter fate extracted straight from me
To remind me what is true:
That it doesn't matter what we want
If we know what we should do

Oh please, oh please
Could you help me figure out
'Cause it seems like you have got your druthers
And you know I've got my doubts